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I’ve been making all kinds of friends lately , and I love it! I’m always up for making some more friends. Not to mention I head off on Safari’s hunting for rare pokemon with hidden abilities. I breed them, and try to help them develop their full potential. And than I send them to good homes. Let me know if this is something anyone would like done!

I forgot to take note of my wonderful adventures! I have been collecting fossils from this strange man in Twist mountain. Every day i sneak in to the cave and watch him dig, and he makes these amazing discoveries and just happily hands them over to me. So I decided to hop on to my Unfezant’s back and we flew over to Nacrene City to try to find out more about these amazing looking fossils this guy has been finding and giving to me. THEY TURNED INTO POKEMON. I now have this wonderful Aerodactyl and a super strong Shieldon. I wonder what he’s going to find for me next. He really should be a famous archeologist with how skilled he is at finding these fossils though. I think i’ll try to spread word about him somewhere.


I forgot to mention that my Eevee, Styx has been running off and I thought they were just going off to nap. But they came back with new friends the last couple of days. And so I have A Grimer, a Seedot, and a Minun following me around now. I really need to figure out where Styx has been wandering off to when they make these friends. Kind of awesome though!

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